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Advertising as a career involves creating demand, promoting marketing, brand building and creating awareness through effective communication. Advertising is a stream of Mass Communication. 

Some of areas under advertising:

Event Advertising
It is about organizing, promoting and managing events.

Image Management
It is about creating and promoting an individual, organization or product image as a brand.

Internet marketing
It involves creating demand and promoting products through internet.

Personal Attributes:

Field of advertising is very dynamic and very competitive. It is not a fixed hour job. It mostly suits for persons who are creative, possess excellent communication skills and can handle lots of work pressure and that is why it is highly remunerated career for suitable persons. However, normally at the starting level remuneration is low. But if you are really good you can achieve a lot in a short period.

Job options:

Anyone interested in starting a career in advertising can find jobs in Ad Agencies or in big organisations which handles most of advertisement and promotion related activities themselves inhouse. Ad agencies offer many job opportunities in creative and non-creative fields:

Creative Directors, Copywriters, Graphic Designers, Art Directors, Photographer or other creative staff.

Account Executives, Media Coordinators, Media Directors, Researchers or other non-creative staff.

Advertising managers manage account services, creative services, and media services departments. Creative Directors supervise art director, copywriter and creative department staffs who develop the content and presentation of advertising. Media directors watch over media section and plan  communication media for promotion and dissemination of advertisement - radio, television, newspapers, magazines, internet, or outdoor signs.

Promotion Managers plan and control promotional activities and decide discounts, incentives, etc. Account Executives manage the accounts department, estimate the need for advertising needs and  maintain accounts.

Courses/ Training:

There is no such specific course or training required to enter advertising industry. Each job profile has it own requirements, for example, visual arts (Graphics Designer, Art Director), photography (Photographer), journalism (Copywriter), etc.

Generally, for advertising management positions Bachelor degree or MBA in Advertising or Bachelor or Master degree in journalism is preferred.

Advertising Courses:

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