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Animation adds life into static objects using computer graphics and/or digital video. Its application and use is not just limited to films or TV scripts, but has spread to others areas e.g. games, education, presentation, etc.

There are two kind of technologies used in animation, viz.,
2D - Two Dimensional - This is an old technique of animation and still being used.
3D - Three Dimensional - This is comparatively new and complex technique and requires more expertise.. 

Animation is a field of creative ideas. There are many steps involved in this process from story boarding ro final product. It offers various career opportunities, e.g. 
- Story Board Artist
- Modeler 2D / 3D
- Visual Effect Artist
- Animator
- Compositor
- Game Designer
- Graphic Designer

Career Opportunities:

Animation covers a wide spectrum of application and is used in various areas. After doing a course in animation, one can get a job in ad agencies, designing firms or multimedia companies. Their is a good demand of various companies.

Entertainment industry offers lots of opportunities to animators in film and television industry, video and computer game industry, etc. Animators creates presentations and animated items for web designing companies.  

Animation is also in demand by business firms for presentations and demos, Educational institutions for tutorials and presentations, ad agencies, engineering, fashion and interior designing industry, medical, and health industry. 


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