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Bio-informatics is intellectual hybrid of biological information and information technology. Presently it is an emerging career option for students interested in Biology and computers and IT. Bio-informatics deals with  application of IT and computer technology  to handle and maintain biological information by data collection, warehousing, data mining, database searches, analysis and interpretation.

Bio-informatics involves the identification of pattern in gene variation and the design of custom molecule that would attract suspect gene and proteins. Other areas of research are Protein/RNA Structure, Ontologies, Genome Sequencing/ Annotation and Molecular Interactions, etc. In search for new drugs, the pharmaceutical industry depends on research work being done in Bio-informatics.

Job Opportunities:

- Drug development/pharmaceutical companies,
- Chemical plants,
- Hybrid plants,
- Petroleum Industry .
- Agricultural Research.
- Research and Development organisations,
- IT Companies
- Life Science Projects
- Academic Institutes and companies

- Post Graduate/Advanced Diploma in Bio-informatics
- B.Sc Bio-informatics
- B.Tech Bio-informatics
- M.Sc. Bio-informatics
- M.Tech Bio-informatics

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