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Cartooning or Cartoon Making is a very creative and prospective career option. Cartoons attracts everyone; kids, youngsters and old people.

Personal Attributes:

- Excellent drawing skills
- A creative sense and good imagination power.

Career Opportunities:

Presently cartooning offers great opportunities in commercial applications, magazines, newspapers, movies, etc.

Print media:
For so many years, cartoonists are an indispensable part of the print media. There is a separate column or caricature for cartoonist in almost every newspapers illustrating current political or social issues. Children magazines are incomplete without cartoons.

Animation Channels and Film Studios:
Cartoon/ Animation Channels show cartoon programmes 24 hours a day. Movies like  ‘Shrek’ and ‘The Lion King’ have led to development of most cartoon movies. In India also, success of ‘Hanuman’ has encouraged film makers to try hand on cartoon movies.  Animation film studios always require skilled animators and cartoonists.

Gaming Industry:
Video and mobile gaming is very popular today. Gaming Companies hire Graphic Designers, Cartoonists and Animators.


Raye Burns School, Delhi
Santhaan’s Chitra Vidalayam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu

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