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Commercial Pilot flies aircrafts - passenger and cargo. As a career, it attracts many people but at the same time it carries lot of responsibilities. This is extremely specialised job and requires intensive training. A pilot has to be well versed with air navigation, meteorology, intricacies of the sophisticated equipments and able to handle emergency situations.

Personal Attributes:
- physical and mental stability
- disciplined nature, quick decision making power and technical knowledge

License/ Training:
Student Pilot Licence (SPL):
To be a commercial pilot one has to first acquire Student Pilot Licence (SPL) from flying clubs  recognised by Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA), Government of India after passing an examination. Minimum qualification required is 10+2 (with science) and minimum age limit is 16 years. Physical fitness should be as per the standards prescribed by the Central Medical Establishments at New Delhi.

Private pilot license (PPL):
After getting the SPL, student can go for PPL training which includes 60 hours of flying; 15 hours accompanied by the flying instructor as dual flying training and atleast 30 hours solo or independent flying  and 5 hours cross country flying. There is a theoritical examination also to get PPL which includes basics of Air Regulations, Aviation Meteorology, Air Navigation, Aircraft Engines, etc.

Commercial pilot license (CPL):
One can get the CPL after obtaining PPL, by completing 250 hours of flying, and passing an written examination. Besides that one has to undergo a Medical Fitness Test which is granted by AFCME, New Delhi/IAM, Bangalore.
License has to be constantly renewed through passing medical and other tests every six months.

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