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Hotel Management

Hotel industry is one of largest service industries which totally depends on customer satisfaction. A hotel is open for 24 hours a day and work is carried out during all 24 hours. Most of Hotel Staff work in shifts. Generally a shift is of 8-10 hours. 

There are many opportunities in Hospitality Industry. Hotels and resorts appoint employees for various managerial positions depending on their requirements.

General Managers:
They are responsibile for all operations in a hotel. They plan business strategies, set cost and prices of services, make appointments, create budgets for different departments, and set norms, rules and standards of service including quality of food, facilities, etc.

Front Office Managers:
They are responsible for manging the front desk. They deal with clients, make reservations, check customers in and assign rooms, deal with  requirements and complaints, and make bills, supervise front desk staff.

Housekeeping Executives/ Managers:
They are responsible for presenting a clean, healthy atmosphere for guests in the hotel, from the fitness rooms to the guest rooms, from lobby to the conference rooms are well maintained and clean. They are in-charge of housekeeping staff and assign jobs. They ensure that every essential supply is well maintained and stocked.

Assistant Managers:
They help general or other managers. Assistant managers are assigned fewer and specific tasks by their supeior e.g.  managing accounting, keeping records,handling security, recruitment, marketing, making sales or purchasing, keeping up with maintenance, etc.

Besides above, many other departments perform important functions in this industry e.g.

- Food & Beverage
- Human Resources and Personal Department
- Security Department
- Maintenance Department
- Marketing
- Accounting Department

Education/ Courses/ Training:
The National Council for Hotel Management and Catering Technology is a registered Society under Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Government of India. The Council centrally regulates academics for hospitality management through structured  courses offered by Government sponsored Institutes of Hotel Management and  Food Craft institutes located in different parts of India.

NCHMCT website: www.nchmct.org


Institute of Hotel Management
Food Craft Institute

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