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Q - sir i was doing bca unfortunalety i have to drop a year due to 1 exam of last sem i was nt able to give due to some problem... so the exam wuld b in december... and i cant sit like this till then,... so i request u to suggest me what coarse or what shuld i do that shuld be beneficial for me in future.... mainly the duration of that coarse or any thng shuld b more than 5-6 months..... and after giving the exam also... means confused whther i shuld go for mba or mca.,. which 1 has the better scope in future... pllzzz suggest me as early as possible... my id is ####....... pllzzz do reply.... and as i cant sit home so want to do any coarse beneficial for me.... and wht is the gud option mba or mca which 1 has the best scope

- Rajit


First of all, relax. You appear very confused. It is unfortunate that you had to drop one year. It was past so don't let it spoil your future. One year cannot be too much harmful for anybody's career. Take a lesson and move on.
Motivate yourself for future. First, target your BCA exams. Study regularly and be well prepared. If you like, you can do a short term course simultaneously which should not be very time consuming . There are many options. Match them with your interest and capabilities. In computer/IT related field, you can do short term courses like web designing, multimedia, some programming language or technology in demand, certification course in Database Management, hardware and networking, search engine optimisation, etc. You can consider accounts and designing related courses also.

Now next thing, MBA or MCA or any other course to do... that you have to decide. If you want to go ahead in Computers stream, then consider MCA. If you like MBA and think it suits you, then do MBA. But don't join it just because it is very popular these days. Also, consider other courses too. Ask yourself what you like and want to do in future.
You cannot take a decision when your mind is restless. So help yourself, understand the situation and try to find solutions.

[Answered on August 22, 2011]

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