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Q - i am a single lady of age 39 yrs old.currently running a beauty parlour.i am commerce graduate.want to change my business.please suggest some course which will help me to become self employed.thanks

- Pallavi


There are many options you can consider. Find and analyse each of them. Then, decide which one suits you and can be a profitable option too.
If you are well versed and interested in beauty culture field itself then you can enhance your expertise as well as business in this line easily. It is a vast field you can do speciliased courses from a reputed institution. You can learn and use modern techniques & gadgets and can create your own brand.
Or you can start some add-on business with your parlour job; like garments, home products. You can take help of your closed ones and existing clients. You can start it on trial basis with small investment and expand your business after getting favourable responses.
To be self employed you should learn and practice some speciliased skill which interests you and also matches your time and money related constraints. You can do diploma / certificate courses in various fields like art and craft, jewellery designing, dress making and designing, travel and tourism, computer applications, entrepreneurship, etc.
It is not easy to be successful in business but not impossible too; if you have the required knowledge, take right approach, learn from mistakes, and ready to do hard work continuously.
If you like managing things and people you can pick any idea and setup a small undertaking within your means.

You can also take help of schemes and training programmes being offered by Directorate of Employment and Self-Employment, Government of Maharashtra.

[Answered on May 22, 2012]

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