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Q - I am doing my plus 2. computer science and I am intrested in computer games development. What about this course

- Nirmal


Game development involves various activities e.g. designing, programming, writing, sound effects, etc. Therefore, there are several connected courses like animation, art, game programming, audio/video editing. Generally, some courses can be joined by any student after 10+2 without specific pre-qualification. Some courses need basic knowledge of certain areas.
It is advised that programmers and developers should obtain Bachelor degree in Computer Science or Engineering. Similarly, it is better that game designers have degree/diploma in Fine Arts or similar qualification. These pre-qualifications can help a student better understand basics of computer systems and designing art. However, these are not compulsions to be successful in game development field or to get admission into game development courses. Institutes define their own eligibility criteria so it is better to see and follow their requirements.
Some successful developers are self-taught and do not even have a formal higher degree or qualification. But these are some exceptional cases. In any case, game development needs deep interest, hard work, sharp mind, and huge involvement in the field because there is so much competition in this field.
There are some institutions in India which offer courses in Animation, Game Art, and Game Programming as well as other speciliased courses in game development. Just decide in which specialisation field you want to enter and how.

[Answered on July 10, 2012]

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