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Q - on what bases should a person choose career

- Bhavik


Many factors affect career choice:
-interests/ what do you like
-capabilities/skills/personal traits
-job market conditions

Most important thing for choosing a career is understanding your own likings and preferences as well as personality and capabilities. Every person is different; has different interests, has own strong points and weaknesses. Some careers suit more to people who have certain personal traits. Some attributes can be acquired with practice and efforts.
If somebody is confident and very skilled, he/she can even convert his/her own hobby into a successful career. 
It is also important to understand job market requirements and nature, preparation, and future of various jobs. Many times a career in demand today reaches a point in future where it is not much in demand and offers very few vacancies. Especially, in careers which depends on specialised technologies or knowledge. Once these technologies get obsolete, related careers also go out of demand. It is very important to have a solid basic knowledge of any career option, then you can easily move on to other technology once an old one gets out of date.
Sometimes, you have no idea what you want to do. In that case, study whatever you like; look into related career options and see if you fits in. Also, it is better to acquire multiple skills.
At any point of time, if you feel you are stuck into a wrong career, you can decide and move out. You have the option to change your career. But you should know what is right for you. Changing career at later stages is never easy; but not impossible too.

[Answered on August 17, 2012]

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