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Q - iím a cartoonist. i have drawn so many, but not shown to any publisher yet. they are genaral in nature i.e; targeted on sales executives, managers etc. now, whom should i consult and what should be my first move? iím from a remote village area and donít have any contacts.

- Sumalatha


For an artist, first thing is to be confident about his/her work. If you believe your cartoons are of good quality and worth printing, you can send selective ones to some newspapers and magazines. Wait for their responses. If lucky, may get some positive response. If not, review and try again. You can also approach publishing agencies with your portfolio, if possible.
It would be better if you could get advice from someone already in cartooning business. You can take help of social networking to reach a friendly cartoonist or aspiring cartoonists. You can get information on cartooning tips, drawing skills, marketing strategies, people to contact, etc. 
Cartoons can be created in paper format or digital format. To create cartoons digitally, you will have to learn digital techniques and software. 
In future, as a cartoonist you can create caricatures, comic strips, comic books; or work on greeting cards, graphic novels, magazines, advertisements, animations etc. You can publish your work on internet too. You can work independently as freelance artist or join a regular job in print media. Cartoonists are also required by animation studios and advertisement agencies.

[Answered on December 4, 2012]

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