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Q - Presently, Iím in 7th class.I want to select a right somewhat easy career.

- Rasika


No career is actually easy. Every career demands some hard work and dedication. But any job becomes easy when we do what we really like to do. We enjoy our work; we don’t care how much time and efforts we are putting in; but we are satisfied and happy. Even some scientists, engineers, and doctors enjoy their work too.
A career easy and successful for one person may not be same for another person.
To know your easiest career, just ask yourself what is your natural skill or talent. Are you good at drawing lines or painting? Can you write? Are you a creative person? Do you enjoy designing? Do you like cooking? Do you enjoy taking care of people or pets?..............
Skills based careers depend more on practical knowledge and experience rather than theoretical knowledge.

You are very young and have enough time to explore and find the answer. When you get the answer, find out how you can convert your natural skill into a career with help of others. You can be:
a writer - write books, articles, stories, scripts
a painter - draw sketches, paint pictures
a designer- design clothes, jewellery, offices, houses, accessories, cards
or whatever you want to be, just explore.

If you don’t want to work for others, be an expert and then work as a freelancer on your terms & conditions. Work will follow you.

Best Wishes!!

Please Note: This answer is just our view and a suggestion only. We have used our best knowledge but still the information may not be 100% accurate and updated.

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