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Q - Iam a plus two student after plus two what can i do for a good salary job

- Arun


Many factors affect salary like area of specialisation, industry, experience, company, location, competition, time, etc. Some of the highest paying industries are oil & gas, petro-chemical, power, IT, electronics, energy, infrastructure, chemicals, etc. There are several career options from game designing to chartered accountancy, photography to medicine, software testing to engineering, hospitality to textile, mass communication to food technology, aviation to economics, visual merchandising to law & legal services, and many others.
You can even make an otherwise ordinary career more worthy by your expertise. People are more paid if they are one of their kind or have exceptional skills in some field. So, if you are extremely talented; then after a stage, you can decide your own salary and demand what is best in the industry.
Choose a field you like and right for you. Then, learn skills and be one of the best in your field. You will be well remunerated.

[Answered on May 20, 2013]

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