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Q - I am applying for the post of assistant professor of journalism and masscommunication in a number of central and state universities. The problem is I am being left out of some despite good interviews sighting my less marks in graduation honours which is in English. I have got 68% marks in secondary, 56% in pure arts stream in higher secondary, 43% in English Honours and 65% in Masters in Mass Communication. Is my academic record uniformly poor for applying to assistant professor posts in Mass communication? If so why? Can one bad result make it uniformly bad?

- Ram


A below average score sheet may affect individual opinions and results adversely, but it does not make things bad completely. However, there may be other reasons for negative responses. If possible, find out. There are many factors which affect selection process.
Positively, some additional plus points can compensate for it. It will be better if you add some more feathers to your cap. Enhance your CV. Get some additional qualification and/or  try to qualify National/State eligibility test.

[Answered on June 27, 2013]

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