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Q - I wanta to be a wildlife photographer. So where I can read about it after Hs?

- Pritam


Wildlife Photography is a very competitive field and it has many different aspects involved too. So, you should first understand it well and then decide what to do.
Firstly, photography itself require both creativity and technical knowledge. You can consider various options to learn and get trained in it. 
For formal study, there are many certificate and diploma courses in photography. For extensive knowledge, there are BFA(Photography) and BA(Photography) programmes. Then, there are self-trained photographers too who learn camera techniques and basic of photography themselves with the help of experts.
Secondly, wildlife photography is a specialised area which requires great knowledge of things like local regions/destination places, living conditions, animals, animal behaviour, etc. It requires lots of travelling, outdoor stays, alertness and demand patience and is full of risks and uncertainties. Depending on working conditions, they must know hiking, diving, native languages, survival skills, and other such techniques.
Normally, it is not a full time job as most of wildlife photographers work as freelancers. Very few work with regular employers which are, generally, travel or nature magazines and agencies. Photographers can sell their photos for publication in books, journals, and magazines; or display work in exhibitions, museums; or post selected ones for national and international level competitions.
Considering all this, you can consider another option that is to study and get degree in subjects like journalism, zoology, life or general sciences, fine arts; which directly or indirectly help you be successful in your career. At the same time, learn and acquire sound knowledge of photography through part time course.
Thereafter, you can work as freelancer wildlife photographer and simultaneously, work full time or part time with other jobs in the beginning. You can choose a job which lets to carry on your passion with it and, if possible, is close to such destinations. You can work as photojournalist, zoologist, biologist, travel writer or guide or choose other jobs.

[Answered on December 10, 2013]

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