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Q - Hi, I need some suggestion on my career I was below average student and passed my graduation in 5 years that too in 2011. I have been doing various jobs from past three years and I have realized that my career is lost and I now really want to concentrate on my career if something is left to do.. I want your precious suggestions to what I should do now...

- Srikanth


You can start your career afresh if you are really willing to do it. One need not be a brilliant student to have a successful career. May be you picked wrong subjects or not put much efforts during graduation. Leave it there. One can learn a lot from failures. So, learn and think about future.
First, do self analysis, then get some confidence, choose a right line and make your best efforts. It is all that it takes to be on track.
Think : what you have learnt; what you can learn now; what is your best skill; what is your weakness; can you acquire required skills; what is wrong with your career. Review your three years in job. Identify your best moments and best work. Understand your weaknesses and try to overcome, if possible. 
You can either choose a new career, learn as much as you can about it, enter the field and do your best; or follow the current career and line you are already in, learn more, apply all the expertise and keep going, positively. The actual choice depends on your personality, understanding of your skills and limitations, ability to take risks, financial aspects, and other such things.
There are several jobs which require interpersonal, communication, writing,  problem solving and/or analytical skills. You can identify your skills and, accordingly, work in sales, marketing, customer care, hospitality, administration, or any other field. Match you skills to jobs.
More: Every person possess a unique quality or a unique combination of qualities. Find yours and whenever you feel distressed or depressed, remind yourself of this quality. Be positive about yourself.

[Answered on December 20, 2013]

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