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Q - Sir,lm doing biology science in plus2. But lm vry confused to take a good course. Pls suggest me a nice job. Dear sir,can i choose MBA while ihave co.pleted my plus2 in biology sciece. Is thdte any problem for that

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List out your interests, preferences, and limitations. Then, pick one or more options. For your help, we give here a quick view of possible options related to biology. 

If you want to pursue your field in medical line, you have options like; MBBS, BDS, etc. If you like research field than consider courses in Bio-technology, Microbiology, bio-informatics, bio-medical engineering, etc.

There are other courses such as physiotherapy, pharmacy, psychology, life sciences, plant sciences, earth sciences, environment, fisheries, veterinary science.

Then, there are para-medical and allied health sciences courses such as Medical Laboratory Technology, Optometry, Cardio Vascular Technology, Medical Radiologic Technology, Echocardiography Technology, Physician Assistant. 

And if you do not want to pursue career in biology, switch to other lines. Students of all streams can opt for MBA. But, better if you really want to change the field and go for MBA. Otherwise, there are so many options. You can go for MBA in Hospital Management or Healthcare related specialisations.

[Answered on May 5, 2014]

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