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Q - I am a student of BSC in CBZ group. I want to do my pg in archeology. Can you please tell me what should I and how can I choose archeology as my career and job after completing my graduation!?

- Neeyati


If you are sure about your career plan, you should apply for masters courses in archaeology. You must score well in BSc. exams. Your BSc degree with chemistry etc. and good marks can help you apply and get admission in few colleges. You can search and check admission notifications on websites of various universities. Please contact concerned colleges/institutes to know eligibility criteria and get more details.
Thereafter, you can opt for PG Diploma in Archaeology from Institute of Archaeology(ASI), JRF, and Ph.D. for better job options.
Other courses: MA/ PG Diploma in  Museology, Epigraphy, Conservation
You should know that archaeology is a specialised field with limited job opportunities and since you are from non-history/archaeology background you will have to put some extra efforts to learn and succeed. So, enter if you have real passion for it.
You can find related jobs in Universities/Colleges, Archaeological Survey of India(ASI), state departments of archaeology, museums, archives, and other research and academic organisations.  

[Answered on July 5, 2014]

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