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Q - I am waiting for my plus two results. Hope, i will get 90 above percentage. I had intrest in space research,but some said it has no scope. My other intrested areas are aerospace engineering and interior designing. Help me to select a goog one.

- Mahir


Space research has limited scope since very few organisations carry on research in this field. It is both interesting and challenging field so choose only if you have the real passion and it is the right option for you. In that case you should study fields like aerospace or aeronautical engineering, mechanical engineering, space science, astrophysics, physics, geology, meteorology, chemistry, ( or biology).  Career opportunities are in space research agencies in India(ISRO) and foreign countries, observatories, research centres and institutes, science museums, as faculty with academic and research institutions, science journals, etc.

To make career in aerospace engineering, get engineering degree in mechanical or aerospace engineering and then master degree in aerospace Engineering and thereafter PhD. A large number of universities/colleges offer graduate engineering programmes. Few like IITs, IISc offer master and doctoral degree in aerospace and related fields. You can make career as engineer, scientist or technician and assist in designing and construction of aircrafts, spacecrafts and satellites or can work with satellite or space research organisations. 

Interior designing is completely different from other two fields. It applies both technical and creative skills. If you like technical part and have lots of designing skills, then complete your bachelor degree in architecture (or civil engineering) and then get PG diploma in Interior designing. You can also get a bachelor degree in Interior designing. Interior designers work with architecture firms, construction companies, design consultancies or work independently as commercial or institutional interior designer, residential interior designer, exhibition designer, furniture designer or lighting designer.

[Answered on June 26, 2014]

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