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Q - My name is Tulika,age 36+,M.A. B.ED in Bengali language.I have no experience.Want to know what will i do for my career...Thanks

- Tulika


If your language skills are strong and you want to pursue your career in Bengali, there are some related options.
You can apply for a few Bengali teacher vacancies in schools or become a private tutor or work as language expert/faculty or trainer at language institutes/centers or can train customer support executives of BPOs and corporates. You can apply for translator/ interpreter positions. 
Bengali is one of the most spoken languages in world. If you are residing outside India, you can apply for lecturer positions with Department of Asian Languages/Foreign Languages of various Universities there. You can complete M.Phil.- Ph.D. in a related field. You can also work as interpreter or translator there.
Now a reality check; lack of experience and long gap after studies are big issues for career. It demands lots of hard work and patience. One can study or start a career at any stage but the difficulty level increases with time. 
In your case, you will have to face one obvious but annoying question ’why you want to start a career now?’. First, find the answer yourself - financial independence, explore possibilities, urge to do something new in life, chase a dream or anything else. It will also help you understand your limitations and goals. Identify your reasons and be confident. It's your life and your choice.  
You can learn new skills or rediscover your hobbies and current skills to start a career e.g. designing, printing, finance, investment, cooking, art work, writing, computer, etc. So, if you are really serious about it then better join related short/long term courses or get proper training. 
You need to find out what kind of career you want to consider, how much time you can devote, what are your priorities, how much money you can spend, etc. You can talk friends, family and other people and get some ideas. Explore all the possibilities, look at career opportunities and requirements, assess everything and then decide your future.

[Answered on July 30, 2014]

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