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Q - iam a average arts stream student.can you suggest me a best carrer option.

- Abhishek


You can choose any career considering your interests, personality and possible availabilities. A career is ideal if it is suitable and personally fulfilling for a person and financially rewarding also. An attractive looking career may not be suitable for everyone. So, identify and analyse your strengths and weaknesses. Here is a list of some of the possible career options:
- Advertising, Public Relations:  if you have very good communication skills
- Retailing, Marketing and Sales:   if you have excellent interpersonal skills, like dealing with people; are systematic and organised,
- Business, Management, Administration - if you have leadership/managerial skills, good verbal communication skills
- Education : If you like teaching and finish your BA degree with atleast 50% marks, you can join B.Ed. Pick your favourite subjects for B.Ed. programme.
- Creative Work, Art : if you like creative things, choose a field which is directly or indirectly related to some creative work.
- Hospitality, Event Management - You should have good people skills, like new challenges, cooperative, practical
- Information Technology, Information services : if you like working with computers, gadgets, digital devices and technologies, can communicate clearly.
- Journalism, Media, Writing, Publishing - related to information collection, sorting, analysing and editing; writing
- Law and legal services - it may be both intellectually challenging and procedure oriented
- Logistics, Distribution  -  if you have understanding of practicalities and processes and like working in teams
- Finance, Banking, Insurance - require commercial awareness of industry, market and competition; interpersonal skills  
- Public Services, Social Services and Work :  if you are self motivated, aware of development needs and social environment
- Travel, Tourism - if you can deal with people easily and remain calm and helpful during busy hours

Most of the above careers require on-job training. So, you can first join as a trainee or intern in a good organisation, learn the basics and plan long term career goals. Others require advanced diploma/degree which you can consider, if possible.

Carefully analyse each option. If you have some particular career or field in mind, go for it but do some reality check before beginning.
Otherwise, you can go for whatever opportunity comes your way.
Understanding your own strength and weaknesses as well as requirements of a career opportunity is really important in either case. It is a time consuming process but good for self awareness and making a better career decision.

[Answered on December 17, 2014]

Please Note: This answer is just our view and a suggestion only. We have used our best knowledge but still the information may not be 100% accurate and updated.

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