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Q - Sir i pass out my 12th class with 64% and now m in b.sc computer science1st and i want to be a videogame maker so plz tell me what to do ?

- Shubham


Game development is usually a team job involving designers, artists, programmers, testers and other professionals.
Since you are a computer science student and interested in game making, you can learn and apply technical skills here.

Try to learn basics of game development yourself if you do not want to join any such regular course.
Learn how games are made and how an idea is converted into a real, fully-functional videogame.
Take help of online tutorials and help sites. Learn any game making software. There are free and premium software options available. See what you can use. You can choose trial versions too.
Then, try to create a small video game, pick any idea, don't go in details, simple interface and basic level functions only.
Work from start to end   - set one month target to finish everything, from idea generation to arrangement of resources, character creation to design and development.
Once finished test it, ask others to play and test your game.
Get feedback.
This whole process will help you understand many things:-
You will have an idea of game development process; know your limitations and areas of improvement, you will also learn whether you need any professional training; and more importantly whether you really want to pursue career as a game developer.
Find out.
You can also find out in which particular field you would prefer to gain expertise.
If everything works well, create more games. Whenever required, learn more game development skills and techniques. Obviously, you will face difficulties and will have to learn new things regularly but that is part of every job.
Within a year or two, you will learn a out. Then, find out how you can enter the gaming industry. You can work as a trainee or try as a tester (part time/full time) or can apply for technical posts if you have the required skills and knowledge.

[Answered on September 16, 2015]

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