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Q - I want to do genomics but my parents say their is no job opportunity for it in India hat should I do?

- Kanav


Genomics field offers job opportunities in life sciences and healthcare related fields. Job opportunities are less compared to other popular fields. People are mostly applied in R & D services - agricultural genomics, plant genomics, biomedical genomics, etc.
To work as Research Associate or Associate Scientist, you should have a Ph.D. with research and publication experience.
After M.Sc., you should apply for JRF fellowship exams --   CSIR-UGC NET exam/ICMR JRF exam.

Later, you can search opportunities in research and academic institutions(govt. or private), industrial laboratories and other public and private organisations involved in commercial or non-commercial applications of genomics.
Since it is a tough and demanding field only your passion can take you further and your choice should be based on that particularly.

[Answered on April 25, 2016]

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