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Q - plz tell me about the difference between MBA and MCA courses as what i should opt for and why?

- Sanskruti


Both MBA & MCA are professional post graduate courses. Choice of course and career depends on your interests.

If you want to make your career in management, MBA is the option to acquire managerial skills. MBA offers a wide variety of specialisation like marketing, HR, finance, productions, international business, IT, etc. If you have interest and experience in a particular field, MBA equips you will extra skills.
After doing MBA, you need to practice your managerial skills and mostly you learn from experience. You should be well versed with the changing conditions and trends in your field and other related fields. At higher level, management professionals carry more responsibilities and are paid higher salaries. You should have a versatile and  dynamic personality; and at the same time should have the capability to deal efficiently with different type of people and situations.

MCA provides knowledge about computers and their applications. You can make career in IT  and related areas. You need to keep yourself updated with the new trends and technologies as IT world changes and updates itself very fast. If you have a strong logical and analytical mind, and passion for  technology and computers; MCA could be a good choice. If you become an expert technical person, you can do well even with average inter-personal skills.

Please Note: This answer is just our view and a suggestion only. We have used our best knowledge but still the information may not be 100% accurate and updated.

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